LAMIP Screenshots

Hey, this is some screenshots from some control plugin UI.

The simple command line control (by default)

When you don't have control plugin installed you use this, let's see an example of the dev version

the command line view

Default GTK+2.x (Under contruction but usuable !)

This is the Default control plugin provided with LAMIP. It's GTK+-2.x based UI

default lamip control plugin
lamip with unicode

Foobar (Under construction)

A foobar like UI for lamip, foobar is a win32 only player and nice to see one UI like it on unix !

foobar UI
last screenshot from the author

KJoFoL (Under contruction)

This is the K-JoFoL control plugin, this control could manage kjofol skins (an old win32 player that could play vqf/mp3 files).

kjofol skin management
noirotic skin

Winamp3 (Under contruction)

This is the wa3 control plugin, this control could manage old and new Winamp skins. I'm really proude to present it here because it's the first time you could see it on linux (release before any other loader).

For moment this skin is not usuable with lamip. I use this plugin just to test the loader code and efl libraries. I begin having good results but the source code need a serial cleanup to be more expendable. Here some screenshots used under e17.

The default winamp3 skin
The winamp3 Lounge skin


A control plugin daemon that show title actually play with lamip

xosd with default control


A control plugin that add in your systray lamip, So with it you could control and play music

systray in action

lamip under Mac OS X

A try to compil and run lamip under MacosX native environemment

Completly under Test and coding...

the cocoa plugin
the successfull compil of the default gtk+ plugin

Harp (contrib)

A control plugin written in gtk+2 by Rafal Glazar from poland

first screenshot from author
last screenshot from author