Some update for the osX code, and also on the default control plugin that added a pre-code for jamendo (actually retreive the database and put it into the window). Next code should be come soon...


Geekoe upload some code for osX, 2 new plugins : control-cocoa and output-audioqueueservices. Ha also want to see if he could work on a good build system on osX. see u.


Ok, got some time to work on lamip before summer !, i have made some progress on the default-control plugin to add jamendo support. Need to work on the UI to select proper album/songs when you select an artist and then i will could put it on svn. After that i will check the core (got some thinking to reduce memory usage, and fix the BUG that don't play the end of the song when you don't select the gapless option (oups!) ).

After all that i will check all plugins and relase the 0.0.4 with all tar.bz2 files and a large one with all plugins with a script to compil it...

A lot of work but i will do !! (yes yes i need to do it! lool)


Finnally got some time to code a little :), so just upgrade the Harp and the looong awaited foobar plugin \o/. The alac plugin is currently a work in progress , i hope i will could code the decoder soon, the alac decoder code to transforme it into a library is a little difficult things to do and need large amount of time to do it. Ho and note that to post in the forum you need to NOT fill the email area it's for spamming protection ;) see u soon i hope !


Ho Ho Ho, some chrismas patchs are put on svn. Theses should stabilize the playing pipe. Also the work on splitting mp4 into 3 plugins are in progress. The mp4 plugin is now a container reader and could send datas to the new aac plugin and to the forthcomming alac plugin...I still got some segfault when playing mp4/aac files if someone want to point me where the problem is is welcome :) (aka. gdb is your friend)

See you for the next upgrade !


Finally got this vorbis library big patch from mplayer code done. lamip now could decode vorbis from any container. The ogg and vorbis part are now in two different plugin. and the vorbis part not depending on the ogg part. A long nice and a hard job is now done.

The next big step is the mp4 container reader, to split mp4, aac and alac code engines.


SO ! finnally after some work on website, i got some money to change my computer from AMD 600Mhz to a AMD64 3000+, nice changes, faster, greater, better :), so i could now upgrade lamip code to gcc 4.1.x

I'm working also on splitting ogg/vorbis plugin into 2 separate plugin the ogg plugin will use the common libogg but the vorbis decoder will use a patched version of the vorbis decoding library, because the common libvorbis depend on libogg, So the separation between theses 2 plugins will can't be done. This mean that when this work will be finished that we could read vorbis datas from any container supported via lamip plugins.

Sorry to take my time on coding but... remember that you are free to patch it too !


What's up ? well coding on the new Input plugin API to improve the ammount of format that lamip could read without so much recoding. I will commit it on svn as i have done this work. Next will be time to work on the UI part of lamip to have something that work good without bug :-)

So the project is not dead, it just sleeping a little as i haven't so much time to code on (and the sun is here and i don't want to pass my time inside when the sun is here ! damn ! it's summer :-p ).


Upgrade of the Harp control plugin

Update of the screenshot page


Update the core to enable the -g option and allow UI to seek songs

geekoe also devel an output plugin to write wav files !


Received a new control plugin from Rafal Glazar, see this screenshot. He call it HARP ! Note that this plugin work with the testing part of lamip.

I have also worked on lamip to build it with osx. Got 3 plugins ok coreaudio, wav reader, and the mp4/aac reader. I will add soon the mp3 reader and the ogg/vorbis reader too. See it on svn.


input TTA reader plugin contrib from geekoe added

input optimFrog reader contrib plugin from geekoe added

I have tried svn on my personal computer. See irc ( #lamip) for access


After a looooong wait you will could cross-compil lamip and plugins !, as geekoe begin to move the autoconf/automake things, i have upgraded the build system for most plugins. Now plugins use pkg-config to find headers of lamip (no more need to use the binary).

I have also received an upgrade of the MPC plugin to work with the snapshot/testing version (it was uploaded with all testing thingsof this date).

I have also provided a 'bundle' version of the sources codes. it's well organized and plugins are extracted from this archive. Note that all contrib things still packaged in the plugins/contrib directory. You will find in this archive all you need to know about lamip (13Mo of datas).

Still need to add the MacosX things in the bundle...

Next time... add of the dsp code management in the core and re-introduce of dsp plugins... See u next time !


Well upgrade of core / defaultUI / inputMP4, now should work as usual without dsp plugins. Also need to fix some little bugs as usual :)

Also added a 'bundle' version of the source code... you will see all sources/images/skins of lamip.


Well well well...

The snapshot is on the good way. geekoe added automake/autoconf usage on it. he also added some more plugin on this little modified API. Maybe will be changed, so don't need to add more inputs.

Patched also the default control plugin to control the snapshot. still lot of bugs and segfault :) But as long you don't do some 'extravagante' things it's ok.

And well.. a nice weather around me. Lot of snow here in alpes. Good for snowboard and watching Torino's JO !!!


Got the default control plugin semi-working with the snapshot... you need to wait until that i solve the crashing things before you could test it :-p

Got also reworked on the playlist plugin. it's also a semi-working state.., I need that someone explain me howto use a .cue file that i could test it !!!

And finally I'm so happy that i can't wait : i finally got the Winamp5 MAKI reader that read correctly the compiled MAKI bytecode of the Winamp3 main.maki file :) screenshot