LAMIP sources code

The last release is 0.0.3rc4 & SVN: 121 (20080608)

LAMIP core

You will find here last archives from me. These could be declared stable for compilation (maybe there are bugs, so don't forget to repport !).

This is the core of lamip. Also you need at least one input plugin and one output plugin to use it correcly. So check one of them below.

  • [src] - lamip-core

LAMIP input plugins

  • [src] - lamip-inputPLAYLIST (to read pl/pls/m3u/cue files)
  • [src] - lamip-inputWAV (could read .wav pcm files)
  • [src] - lamip-inputOGG (libvorbis / libogg deps) could read .ogg files)
  • [src] - lamip-inputMP3 (libmad dep) could read .mp3 files
  • [src] - lamip-inputMP4 (libfaad2 / libmp4v2 deps) could read .mp4, .m4a, .aac files
  • [src] - lamip-inputVQF (only on x86 arch, sorry for others but the static library is only on this platform)
  • [src] - lamip-inputWMA (based on the xmms plugin)
  • [src] - lamip-inputCDAUDIO could read cdaudio tracks

LAMIP output plugins

  • [src] - lamip-outputOSS
  • [src] - lamip-outputALSA

LAMIP control plugins

  • [src] - lamip-controlDEFAULT (gtk+2)
  • [src] - lamip-controlWINAMP2/3/5 (glib/evas/ecore/Imlib2) (in dev, not really usuable)
  • [src] - lamip-controlKJOFOL (gtk+2) NEED A MAINTENER TO UPDATE IT

LAMIP dsp plugins

  • [src] - lamip-dspSRC (a resampler based on secretRabbitCode library)
  • [src] - lamip-dspCHANMAP (a channel mapper)
  • [src] - lamip-dspREPLAYGAIN (to handle replagain info from songs)
  • [src] - lamip-dspVOLUME (a software volume set) [in dev]

LAMIP contrib plugins

Now all theses links are contrib plugins that i received. There are maybe some that are not working or outdated. Fell free to send patch to respectiv authors that could send me new versions of them !


  • [src] - lamip-inputAC3
  • [src] - lamip-inputALAC
  • [src] - lamip-inputAPE
  • [.src] - lamip-inputCDDA [NEED UPGRADE]
  • [src] - lamip-inputDTS
  • [src] - lamip-inputFLAC
  • [src] - lamip-inputMODULE
  • [src] - lamip-inputMPC
  • [src] - lamip-inputSHORTEN
  • [src] - lamip-inputSPEEX
  • [src] - lamip-inputWAVPACK


  • [src] - lamip-outputJACK
  • [src] - lamip-outputLIBAO
  • [.src] - lamip-outputSHOUT (to be an ogg/vorbis radio !) [NEED UPDATE]


  • [src] - lamip-controlFOOBAR (gtk+2) (in dev)
  • [src] - lamip-controlSHELL
  • [src] - lamip-controlSYSTRAY
  • [src] - lamip-controlXF86AUDIO
  • [src] - lamip-controlXOSD


  • [src] -


Try lamip on your distro, here you could found some links where you could found some packages made by users for some distro

  • [directory] - some winamp2/5 skins
  • [directory] - old sources code versions
  • [url] - debian - RareWares Debian GNU/Linux Repository for Sid/Unstable
  • [url] - sources code - some experimental code from olv (olv page)
  • [linux binary] - peercast client to be able to play peercast streams

Lastest sources code (not fully functionnal with all plugins) could be found [here]

Maybe there are broken links, lamip is actually in heavy developpement, so use lastest source code !!. Also don't forget to check the wiki to get lastest version of plugins