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Can2jives15/06/2005, 07:32
Can Lamip be used with other front ends?2tempestuous07/05/2005, 15:22
autoreconf fails on all plugins4mackie18/04/2005, 20:11
shell frontend1bleb14/04/2005, 15:52
Feature request: FIFO control0bleb13/04/2005, 05:35
oss output plugin doesn't work on FreeBSD 5.4-PRE/AMD641bleb12/04/2005, 19:00
Feature Request1SpongeBunny11/04/2005, 03:55
glibc detected?1dylix01/04/2005, 16:45
Control from the command line1balance01/04/2005, 16:44
Is there any possibility Lamip will run in a FreeBSD box?5Elvin23/03/2005, 10:59
winamp control problem1jopher05/03/2005, 10:25
unable to play flac mp4/m4a/aac-files9neomoe05/03/2005, 10:22
mp3 is playing too fast in ALSA6jopher02/03/2005, 16:46
Donations?2ReDVsion02/03/2005, 16:43
libsamplerate or shibatch (ssrc) or SoX ?3ciberfred18/02/2005, 17:53

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