Subject: inputflac not compiling?

Author: ChronoSphere, 2007-11-04 17:03:18
Uhm... hello
i have a question about the inputflac plugin,it doesn't seem to compile for me -.-
is it really broken or am i just to newbie to compile it?
what i tried to do was a standard "./configure && make && make install" but since there is no configure i'm stuck <.<

Someone else told me to do a "autoscan, aclocal, automake -a,autoheader, autoconf" but it produces a lot of warnings/errors and ofcourse doesn't work.

another question, is the inputFLAC + inputPLAYLIST combo able to handle a .flac with an embedded cuesheet?


Author: Rafal Glazar, 2007-11-26 19:11:28
You have to do
"autoreconf -vifs"
first and then
"./configure && make && make install"

Author: ciberfred, 2007-11-27 18:10:01
cuesheet is a work in progress of the playlist plugin, if youi want to code on you're welcome ! i don't have lot of time to code actually (snow is here :-p)


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