Subject: foobarClone

Author: olv, 2004-08-30 08:09:39
haha, I am so happy that I can't wait to post a snapshot:

As the version number suggests, it's quite incomplete.
But it has some features that default gtk2 gui doesn't have, like
multi-track file, play order support.


Author: Mazzaru, 2004-08-30 22:13:51
yes exelent :)

Author: olv, 2004-09-01 13:40:54
a silent update to the snapshot
seek bar, sorting, adding url done (though you can't see this from the snapshot)

TODO: clean up the code (somewhat) and send it to ciberfred :)

Author: Martin, 2004-09-21 06:32:44
The only thing that keeps me rebooting in Windows is foobar. Can't wait to see this working. Keep on!

Author: Lowe, 2004-09-21 18:57:35
Holy crap, that looks awesome. :drools:

Author: olv, 2004-09-23 15:43:39
Well, as I have no time to continue the development of foobarClone, don't expect too much for this :)

Author: neomoe, 2004-10-18 14:53:49
why??? *despared*

Author: ciberfred, 2004-10-18 17:00:06
school time he mean :), the foobarUI still in dev :-)

Author: olv, 2004-10-18 19:52:08
oh, forgot to mention

One can download lamipBundle, which includes the core and some plugins,
which include foobarClone, which is available here :)

Please leave a message about whether it builds or not here.
If it won't build, one can chdir to plugin subdirectories and builds
them as usual (aclocal && automake -af && autoconf && ./configure).

Note. it builds with NEWAPI defined, which makes other control and output plugins unusable. Input plugin is not affected.

Author: koniu, 2004-10-19 15:20:24
it builds great here on gentoo. keep up the good work man - many ppl are really looking forward for lamip to develop into something comparable to fb2k

Author: olv, 2004-10-28 17:56:10
Hi all,

I upload a new version of lamipBundle, which is available here:

You may read changelog for details of this release:

Any feedback is welcome :)


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