Subject: Harp or lamip 0.4 slow at changing songs

Author: Benni, 2006-05-14 17:52:41
I just succeeded in installing latest lamip and the harp control plugin. I noticed a big freeze while changing songs. Is this known or already fixable?


Author: ciberfred, 2006-05-15 12:05:13
yep it's normal. but if you let song change itself (from one to another) then you could see that there is no gap when you check the gapless flag.

Also it's a thing that i need to look at. The 'prev' and 'next' buttons should switch the song imediatly. if you have some knowlegment on it. try to change it.

Author: Benni, 2006-05-15 14:16:44
sry I'm no c/gtk+ programmer yet

Author: Rafal Glazar, 2006-05-16 00:17:24
I think it's because I do not use internal core playlist and playthread has to stop before song is changed and it takes few seconds (I'm not to deep into pthread and I don't know why).

Author: ciberfred, 2006-05-17 20:14:21
Well the use of lamipPlaylist is usefull when you want gapless when you change song to another one (and gapless flag checked). If not the internel buffer is sended to the soundcard untill there is no more datas. So when the playthread ended it take lamip_buffer_len (in the configuration) to stop.

it's not usefull to know threading system to do playlist rafal :) normally the core manage thread acess by itself.

Author: Rafal Glazar, 2006-05-18 13:40:37
Thanks ciberfred. Now I know why stop takes so much time.

I have never said that pthreads has something to do with playlist. I only said that because I do not load all songs into lamipPlaylist but only one song at a time I have to stop playthread before change to another song and that is the reason why changing songs takes time.


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