Subject: holidays and CeBIT

Author: geekoe, 2006-03-13 15:35:44
hi all,

so at the moment I'm feeling like I'm doing a large holiday everywhere in Germany :) good for recreation and thinking about the the future of lamip... next week I'm starting for another 7 days skiing and after that I'm ready for another burst of updates :)

I've been at the CeBIT in Hannover as a press member... so I had the possibility to visit the CeBIT during non-end-user days... and I had the possibility to talk to a lot of important developpers... some of them where really interested about my own ideas and thoughts and they have helped me a lot, too... but some of them are really egoistic bastards :) I won't tell you any names here... the rest of the CeBIT was really boring except for this new really cool and cheap mobile phone: . bussiness phone with GPS, wlan, etc. ... and linux kernel as base :)

I think I got the clue why NPTL still makes some problems in lamip... and as in glibc-2.4 the whole threading system will change to a NPTL-thing and won't be compatible with linuxthreads anymore it is important to get these thing fixed... it must have to do something with a lock/unlock at a wrong time...

By the way, Florin Ghido has finally released an amd64 version of OptimFROG, so that I can start to develop a plugin for lamip as soon as I return from holiday. the list of outstanding lossless codecs will be smaller then :)

Another "big thanks" goes to David Bryant (WavPack developper). He is always very friendly and and has always answered my questions in the emails and I hope we have cuesheet-support in the next release then David :)

I guess that's all for now ciberfred :)



Author: ciberfred, 2006-03-25 12:25:07
well if the snapshot working good on your nptl it's all ok.

I have done some coding on the mp4 plugin for my part. removed the libmp4v2 dependency and patched the libfaad2 and mp4ff provided by faad project to have a proper compil with gcc-3.4. updated the core too to have a proper 'seek' function.

Working also on a 'bundle' version of lamip to compil/cleanup/generate all configure script in just one command (this is a feature request from xmilxalx ). All plugins will be separated as i wish it but it is simplier and faster way to create packages for distro.

after all of theses i will could focus on dsp and visual management part.

have a nice free time geekoe ! and see u soon


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