Subject: FAAC output plugin?

Author: hans-jürgen, 2004-09-03 08:28:37
Hi ciberfred,

are there any plans for an AAC/MP4 diskwriter/output plugin based on FAAC for LAMIP? Or alternatively for XMMS? Yesterday I found a SourceForge project providing XMMS output plugins, so I thought I
should ask you about something similar, too. :)

And could you please choose another background color than grey on grey in grey for this site? ;)


Author: ciberfred, 2004-09-04 18:53:57
faac output, well why not ? :-p just need time to do it

and.. for the website.. i like this theme, if you have another proposition send me a new .css :)

Author: hans-jürgen, 2004-09-05 07:50:53
Maybe it would be easier = faster to implement something similar to an "external codec" API like most of the Windows players have nowadays? Then an interested user could simply use the command line version of FAAC or any other encoder available for Linux.

Author: hans-jürgen, 2004-09-13 09:00:44
More ideas to steal ciberfred's time: the web radio station offers an HE AAC stream at 48 kbps/stereo over HTTP now which FAAD2 is able to decode fine when using foobar2000. There is a lot of interest in their "forum" from Linux users to listen to that stream with either XMMS or other apps. At the moment ciberfred's MP4 plugin for XMMS does not decode it, probably because HTTP streaming is neither implemented in the plugin nor in XMMS itself. So how about adding this to LAMIP and/or the XMMS plugin? :)

The link to the forum:

The HE AAC stream:


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