What is LAMIP ?

LAMIP stand for Linux Audio Multiple Interface Player. It's aim to be used as much as your system could. The software is a command line based but could be easy upgrate to a user friendly interface with help of plugin. It could read audio files with input plugin and could output audio data in many ways. You use QT, gnome or java ? use the control plugin you want (switch to another if you like !).

NB: The 1.0.0 version is in 'cool on work' and sources code here are for testing only (for moment)!!!. If you have probs with it for compiling come on irc.


21 April '08

Some new code are come into the svn, 2 plugins for osX

  • control-cocoa
  • output-audioqueueservices

Thanks to geekoe for this !, maybe the 0.0.4 will be out for this summer !

20 June '06

Tomorrow will be the summer... let's code on !

07 May '06

Installed a svn server on my box : check source codes at svn://lamiphq.no-ip.org/lamip

The svn code is a completly devel and instable code. It should compil and work in most case. Try it to see lastest upgrade on dev_news page :) Also note that for macosX users the core, the wav and the core audio plugins are working !!! (yes there is sound on ppc!). Someone wana do an UI osX plugin for lamip is welcome !?!

Actually geekoe and ciberfred are thinking how to manage digital sound processing plugins to be managed in multi-cpu multi-thread system model to works better than before !. He also worked on a wav writer (to transcode sound to wav files) and on a MPRIS (a library in dev to unified daemon protocol for audio appz) plugin.

We have received a new control plugin called HARP from Rafal Glazar. A plugin near of the foobar UI.

29 December '05

Hi all, i'm not dead just have really less time to code on lamip. During this endOfYear i have thinking of something different for the core. I hope i will have some nice things to add like .tgz / bz2 direct reading, cleanup of the code, use of taglib to read unknow tag from plugins, and something better to read metadatas without some hard/bad code from plugins part. Also the gapless feature will be stronger in heavy load of the cpu with introduce of the outputthread that in the 0.0.3rc4 is disable because of some strange bugs related to pthread (maybe come from code of glibc). So that's why i have recoded from scratch the core and present a semi-working snapshot (without management of control/dsp plugins) as a proof of concept.

I hope a Happy new year 2006 for all of us. Some nice audioplayer project will be reveal during this next year and we will have some nice things.

Don't forget that We need feedback of your test on lamip to fix bugs, code and think of nice feature that we will adds. The wiki is here for that.

26 September '05

Hody all, welcome for my first day of real work in computer science !!, now i'm playing with access :), i will could have some time on evenings to re-work on lamip during theses next greys days of winters !!!, For moment you could test the rc3 version of the core with a little update of the defaultUI, let's talk on it on the forum !

19 July '05

After a short break i could re-work a little on lamip. The NPTL system from the glibc seems break the lamip-core outputthread new system. So i think that for the 0.0.3 final version of lamip_core i will remove this. So chained dsp plugins could break sounds during playing on low-end system. But for a normal use (with gapless) it's really fast.

So for today i will upload the 0.0.3rc2 with some update for input plugins. I will let the core in this state if no bugs are founds. Just time to work again on the winamp/wasabi skin loader during the summer. The loader could load winamp2 skins and all buttons are reacting to user clicks :-). Time to work on general windows like the playlist window now..

And well i have just installed e17... and... it's in my opinion the best window manager/desktop for linux...pretty good looking.. well you will see on lastest screenshots.

For osX users i received last mounth an UI, i haven't tested it yet.. but i'm near to test it and update the lamip_OSX package part..

LAMIP IRC channel

We could have some greats discutions about the software on IRC. go on irc.freenode.net #lamip. Sorry i'm not all the time online (i have for the moment a RTC connexion so be patiente and wait me on).

LAMIP lastest source code

The lastest source code could be found, at the begining of the project on sourceforge but the sourceforge site is really borring me. So as i have some place here i upload myself 'stable compiling' source code on the download page. Check it now, test it and give me feedback on irc.


You could find a multi-langage documentation also it's not finished yet :) (as the project) if you want to make the traduction, do it and tell me on the irc channel.